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DOGE 6210, Version II  Dual Port All Tube Class A

Headphone and Pre Amplifier

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Absolute High-end All Tube Solution, Single-Ended Triode (SET) Circuit  without any Semi Conductors at all in Signal Pad, a Dream Machine for a Dream Price !


Dual Headphone Output


2x 12AX7, 2x EL-84 Tube Set


Line Out for Preamp Function


Point to Point  Wiring, High-Quality Components, no Semiconductors

General Description

This absolute High-end All-Tube headphone and pre amplifier in full class A, making the gain stage with 2x 12AX7 and 2x EL-84 in SET ( Single-ended Triode) circuitry, is a real "State of Art" unit.

It presents an overall very smooth and perfect sound stage on a large variety of different headphone types and brands.

Low end is excellent, organ pedals, dynamics of kick drums and much more are formidable. The midrange pushes sound image in front of you, heights are fantastic transparent and clear. Timbre is very smooth from top to bottom.

As to expect from a state of art item, it lets you connect 2 headphone sets. Headphone impedance is adjustable from 30 up to 600 Ω and it lets you switch between 2 types of sound characters as they are Normal and Music Hall. A line output allows the amp to act also as a pre amplifier, a very good one.

As expressed due to the weight of 6 kg already, the amplifier is build up in rock-solid quality. Point-to- Point wiring is used through out the whole circuitry. Components in general are of highest level, such as WIMA and so on, with transformers hand-wound by manufacturer and used solely in his products only.

Technical Data

Input Sensitivity:

Input Impedance:
Output Power:
Frequency Response:

Headphone Impedance:


Headphone Outputs:

Line (Pre Amp) Output:

Sound Effect:
Power Supply:


0.5 V from 30Hz to 50 kHz

50 kΩ

2x 0.5 W, RMS

20 Hz to 50 kHz
< 1% @ 0.5 watts, 1kHz, < 0.2% @ 0.1 watt, 1 kHz

90 dB
selectable 60 (30-60), 300 (60-300), 600 (300-600) Ω

1 Group

2 Groups

1 Group

switchable between Normal and Music Hall

AC 110-115V/60Hz or 220/230V/50Hz
170x310x155 mm
6 kg


Delivery Volume

Brand-new, original packing, as described above, once opened for check,

1 Amplifier, 1 Power Cord, 1 Operating Manual in English


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